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Being Prepaired and Having Fun

Sailing is a lot of fun and being prepared helps you to be comfortable for the whole time on the water. Knota Lota has all of the Coast Guard required safety equipment including lifejackets so we have that side covered. 

You may want to bring a cooler with your favorite beverages, something to snack on is advisable as well. Comfortable clothing and comfortable shoes are a must.

Keep in mind forecasts for the day of your outing. Knota Lota has a fully enclosing cockpit for cooler or damp weather but if it's threatening rain, a raincoat may be handy.

There will be bottled water onboard for hydration but you can do much better than that on your own. The boat has a bathroom  to make your time on the water more pleasant. We also have items for keeping children occupied if they don't find sailing as interesting as you do. 

Items to consider: 

  • sunblock

  • sunglasses

  • hat

  • jacket

  • drink

  • snacks

  • smiles

  • Instagram