This is your opportunity to sail beautiful Leech Lake on a classic sailing vessel with Sailing Daze sailing charters.   Leech Lake and Walker have a lot to offer the summer visitor, including a view from the water on a sailboat that is truly a classic design with a head turning elegance that embodies a sailing tradition and nostalgia.

Whether it's for a birthday party, an anniversary, a girls or guys time away or because the others went to the casino, choosing to spend time on the water on "Knota Lotta" will be very memorable. 

On a two or three hour cruise you will be among the other boats that are enjoying the summer breezes that make Leech Lake such a popular sailing lake.

You can also book a cruise to spend time on the main lake, which is actually out of view from the city of Walker.  Or book an overnight stay in a quiet bay and feel the lake experience like few have.

Don't see what you had in mind for a cruise on the booking page? Call me or email me and I'll bet we can make your plans work out.


You can book a charter with us by clicking the "book now" button.  


What Did You Do Last Summer?

 One of my favorite things is sharing my time on the water with others of  like minds. Sailing Daze cruising  season will begin on June 4th. 

The goal of Sailing Daze is that my guests have a fun and safe time on a classic yacht.  

All of Sailing Daze charters are private charters, which means you know the person next to you. And the boat is large enough to spread out. I've scheduled more time between cruises so the boat will be washed down  between cruises. Downstairs is off limits and the captain will wear a  mask while in the cockpit.  

Sailing Daze is also giving away a free Sailing Daze tee shirt for each cruise that is booked and takes place in June.  

If you are wonding about the possibility of a charter, don't hesitate to call me. Bruce 218-839-2782 

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