Sailing Daze Offers Sailing Lessons

This is your opportunity to learn to sail, or add to your sailing knowledge with sailing lessons from Sailing Daze. Sailing Daze offers lessons for beginners on a 16 foot sailboat. For those who want to add to their sailing experience with time spent on a 41 foot boat on the water and overnight on a quite bay.


Beginners Lessons Include: sailing theory, sailboat and sailing terms, safety on the water, rules of the road and  sailboat handling.  

Lessons consist of three four hour sessions including a combination of classroom time and time spent sailing.

By the end of these lessons you will have a basic knowledge of sailing and feel confident to handle a small sailboat on your own.

Advanced Sailing Lessons Include: learning anchoring skills, docking skills, large boat handling, learning about weather concerns. Learn boating safety, rules of the road and man overboard skills. Learn engine care, sail care and handling, sail adjustment and trim. Learn about such things as cooking on board, proper garbage disposal and marine waste disposal systems. 

 Lessons consits of writen testing and a night spent at anchor on the water, as well as  a full day sailing. 

By the end of this lesson you will have extensive knowldge of large boat handling and have the confidence to handle a lage keel boat by yourself. 


To book your lessons just go to the book online page and start your lessons. 

for questions call: Bruce @ 218 -839-2782 or